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Ultimate Turf® introduced the Ultimate K9® Turf after many years of extensive research and studies comparing the needs, demands and concerns of natural grass and synthetic grass surfaces and how they affect the pet’s environment. Now Ultimate K9® Turf has become choice of Pet Owners, Kennels, Dog Parks, Pet Hotels, Dog Boarding Facilities, Pet Resorts and Veterinary Hospitals around the country. Ultimate K9® Turf services the entire 48 US continental states and all our products are manufactured in the United States. With over thirty years’ experience in the Synthetic grass industry worldwide, Ultimate Turf® and Ultimate K9® Turf is your choice for a reliable product backed by a reliable company.


Ultimate K9® Turf has the highest industry independently tested permeability rate of ANY synthetic pet turf. The “Flow Through Woven Back Technology” allows instantaneous fluid transfer-flow with little to zero resistance. The Woven Backing provides an industry standard second to none with Tuft Bind and Tensile strength. These two components are paramount to the construction and manufacturing of the Ultimate K9® Turf the toughest, and most durable synthetic pet turf in the industry.


We are nylon free. The treatment for Nylon can become harmful to our K9 friends and damaging to any amount of Nylon components. Another benefit of the Ultimate K9® Turf is that it is a non-infill product. The dense, low pile engineered construction and the 100% Polyethylene fibers allows the Ultimate K9® Turf to be infill free! Other products on the market claim to be non-infill but are actually infill products. There’s also no need for hazardous pesticides and fertilizers associated with natural grass.


Ultimate K9® Turf is constructed with 100% Polyethylene…no Nylon components. Nylon contributes to odor and can become a very harmful component to the body of the synthetic pet turf. Many products today are constructed with some amount of Nylon. Nylon requires antimicrobial protection, and our 100% Polyethylene Ultimate K9® Turf does not! Nylon will absorb moisture, which means it is absorbing the pet’s urine, which will cause odors, which brings us to a very important concern in the industry.

K9 Specific

Other companies claim to have a K9 Turf which is merely a standard synthetic landscape or Sport Turf product that has been renamed! At Ultimate K9® Turf we only install synthetic grass specifically developed for use with pets. It’s cleaner and safer than traditional turf applications. We at Ultimate K9® Turf encourage you to do the research. You will find that Ultimate K9® Turf is second to none. SAFE, HEALTHY, DURABLE, and SECOND to NONE.

Gone Are Your Messy Mud Holes

Bringing in the mud from the outside or picking up your K9 Friend from the kennel and find they are covered with mud from head to paws are worries of the past. 

  • Constructed with Ultimate K9 Turf ProFlow Backing with HR technology for a cooler surface.
  • Highest industry tested permeability rate of any synthetic pet turf on the market.  
  • No more harsh gravel, rough concrete, and asphalt surfaces that are unpleasant to the paws of our K9 friends.
  • Ultimate K9 Turf ProFlow Backing allows instantaneous fluid transfer-flow with little to zero resistance.
  • Tuft Bind and Tensile component strength make it the most durable synthetic pet turf in the industry.
  • No need for hazardous pesticides and fertilizers required to care for natural grass.
  • 100% Polyethylene…No Nylon components.
  • Infill free dense, low pile engineered construction.
  • No discolored dead grass and worn out areas. 
  • Anti-Microbial and easy to clean.
  • Made from non-toxic components. 



Face Weight: 70oz.
Pile Height: 1.1″


Face weight: 60 Ounce
Pile Height: 1.0”

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