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Ultimate K9® Turf leads the industry in synthetic pet grass technology. We provide the world’s finest synthetic pet turf products.  Ultimate K9® Turf is very proud to bring the best to our customers and dealers. Our customers and dealers cover many regions of the 48 continental US States.  Our products are distributed and installed at public and private parks, Kennels, and Veterinary Hospitals across the US.

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Face weight: 70 Ounce
Pile Height: 1.0”


Face weight: 60 Ounce
Pile Height: 1.0”



Constructed with 100% polyethylene. No nylon components. Nylon will absorb moisture, which means absorbing the pet’s urine, which means odors. The treatment for nylon can also be harmful to our K9 friends.



Lead Free

Our manufacturing process has zero intentional lead added. All of our synthetic turf meets or exceeds all Federal and State lead restrictions. We are also free of harmful and unsanitary nylon.


Year Warranty

All Ultimate K9® Turf products are manufacturer backed with a warranty up to 10 years. Our tuft bind and tensile strength manufacturing process extrudes and texturizes all its fibers to ensure quality and continued resilience.


Days Green

In color and environmentally speaking. No mowing. No watering. No monthly maintenance. No burn spots or wear cause by our canine friends. Just sit back, relax and enjoy 365 days of green grass.

Return On Investment Breakdown

Ultimate K9 Turf vs. Natural Grass

Your Ultimate K9® Turf will pay for itself.

With growing popularity and increased public awareness, more business owners and decision makers are aware of Synthetic Grass and it’s benefits. The chart below is a residential ROI chart. This was calculated on a 1200 sq ft residential installation including the cost of a $4500.00 irrigation system. Without an irrigation system, natural grass stands little chance to survive and with one the water bills are terribly expensive. Additionally, Many areas are on water restriction and there are always seasonal drought conditions. Please note: for the demonstration purposes, bar charts are broken down into percentages based on actual dollar amount.

K9 Turf
Natural Grass

Total Cost to Own

For 12 year period.

Synthetic Grass: $12,900

Natural Grass: $34,716

K9 Turf
Natural Grass

Initial Investment

Based on a 1,200 sq. ft. area.

Synthetic Turf: $10,800 ($9.00 per square foot)

Natural Grass: $3,000 ($2.50 per square foot)

K9 Turf
Natural Grass

Annual Maintenance

Based on 1,200 sq. ft. area.

Synthetic Turf: $175 (annual power brush)

Natural Grass: $2,268 (includes irrigation, month maintenance, chemicals and fertilizer)

100% Commitment

Your business is important to us.

Ultimate K9® Turf recognizes the importance of honesty, integrity and simply doing what is right. Ultimate K9® Turf has a strong commitment to support its dealers and customer. Whether you are starting a new company or have an establish business, we have the products that will set you in a class above all others.

Quality is everything

We never go for second best.

Our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability has made us one of one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the industry. If you are looking for a custom turf and cannot find it in our selection, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you and develop a product that meets your specifications.

Made in the USA

Because it matters.

We are proud to manufacture our products here in the USA. At Ultimate Turf we believe this matters. Our products are hHeavy Metal Compliant. We guarantee every product made meets EPA standards and meets or exceeds Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We Have A Greener Manufacturing Process

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